Cafer Law LLC

Areas of Practice

Administrative Law

Cafer Law LLC represents clients before the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) and the Missouri Public Service Commission (MPSC). Our diverse client portfolio consists of participants in the electric, gas, and telecommunications industries and includes investor owned utilities (IOUs), electric cooperatives, electric transmission companies, telecommunications companies, and natural gas marketing companies.

As former General Counsel and Chief of Utilities of the KCC, Ms. Cafer is well-versed in all matters before the Commission. Ms. Cafer's unique experience as both General Counsel and Chief of Utilities provides clients with an unparalleled analytical resource. Ms. Cafer has also acted as an Administrative Law Judge in non-utility related administrative proceedings, and is a member and former Chair of the Administrative Law Section of the Kansas Bar Association (KBA).

Energy and Public Utility

Cafer Law LLC enjoys a respected and long-standing history of representing clients in the energy industry. We understand the importance of staying abreast of current events in this dynamically changing field. As part of our representation we monitor legislative activities, and dockets pending before various state and federal agencies in order to keep our clients apprised of significant policy changes and events that may impact their respective businesses. Our client's interests include, but are not limited to, rate making and design, transmission siting, interaction and coordination with the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), demand side management (DSM), and renewable energy and environmental upgrade projects. We represent our client's interests before both the Kansas Corporation Commission, the Missouri Public Service Commission, and district and appellate courts. We coordinate and work with counsel in representing our clients on matters at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Oil & Gas

Cafer Law LLC is prepared to assist clients on a full spectrum of legal matters relating to oil and gas production.

The combined experience and expertise of our attorneys assures our clients of a comprehensive representation of the utmost quality on a variety of oil and gas related matters.


Cafer Law LLC has experience and knowledge in the very complicated area of telecommunications regulation, including but not limited to matters concerning the Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF), infrastructure and competition issues, eligible telecommunications (ETC) issues, pole-attachment issues and State regulation of the wireless industry.

Commercial Litigation

Cafer Law LLC stands ready to assist clients with a variety of commercial litigation and general legal matters routinely faced by our clients in the course of managing their businesses.

Legislative Services

Cafer Law LLC understands the key to effective advocacy is maintaining an active involvement in and thorough understanding of current legislation impacting our clients. Our legislative services include advising clients on developing legislation, drafting proposed legislation, and preparing clients to testify before legislative bodies.

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